New Range Of Summer Footwear From Strive!

We are excited to announce our new range of summer footwear from Strive Footwear! 

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National Feet Week 2022!

There are many different foot conditions to be aware of, including athletes’ foot, chilblains, cracked heels, ingrown toenails…

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Person holding their dry cracked heels

Crack Down on Cracked Heels!

With the increase of the dry weather, it can start to cause problems with your skin, the sudden burst of heat can wick away moisture…

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Top tips for looking after your feet this winter.

With cold nights, the best way forward is to put the heating on to warm up, right? However, with the increase of the dry heat…

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Fight back against lower back pain!

Most back pain comes from poor posture, poor lifting technique and can result in sprains and strains to our muscles and connective tissues…

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Don’t let Plantar Fasciitis stop you!

There are ways that you can ease plantar fasciitis yourself, such as resting and raising your foot when you can, wear good fitting…

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Osteoarthritis, What is it? and what can help?

Osteoarthritis is a serious, debilitating and painful joint condition which is the most common form of arthritis and can affect…

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LC Physio Now Available at The Healthcare Hub

LC Physiotherapy and Pilates arrives at The Healthcare Hub

Lucy was the Musculoskeletal Clinical Lead/Deputy manager of a busy Private hospital in Birmingham. Since moving to Cardiff, Lucy has…

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Back Pain Blog Thumbnail

Suffering from back pain? – We have got your back!

Almost all of us will experience back pain at some point and this will often be caused by lifestyle issues such as poor posture….

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Orthotix Orthopaedic Product Being Fitted By Healthcare Professional

The Healthcare Hub brings NHS Approved Orthopaedic Supports, Splints & Bracing to the High Street

The integration of a professional clinical facility and a welcoming retail environment serviced by instore Healthcare Assistants…

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The Healthcare Hub Whitchurch Hub Photo

The Unique Concept Behind New Venture – The Healthcare Hub

Business partners and siblings, Hayley (35), Tom (37) and Paul Cooper (39) have joined forces to co-found an exciting new venture…

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Ace Feet In Motion Podiatrist Ash Howe

The Healthcare Hub announce primary healthcare service provider

ACE Feet in Motion were established in 2001 and work with various sports organisations, athletes and global brands. They are the…

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Picture post nailsurgery

I think I have an ingrown toenail, what is it and how can I fix it?

The dreaded ingrown toenail (IGTN), not everyone has experienced them but those who have will tell you that it can be quite debilitating….

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