Our NHS approved range of orthopaedic supports, splints and bracing encompass all regions of the body including head and neck, spinal and abdominal, wrist and upper limb, knee and lower limb, ankle and foot as well as a specialist hernia collection. Whether you suffer from acute pain or a chronic orthopaedic or neurological pathology such as flaccid drop foot or osteoarthritis we offer a medical solution to ease pain, aid rehabilitation and generally support your wellbeing.

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Orliman boxia plus drop foot support

Orliman Boxia Drop Foot Support

The innovative, easy to fit, lightweight and comfortable ankle foot orthosis is designed to provide vital foot clearance during swing phase for those suffering with drop foot.

Pavis post operative abdominal binder, abdominal hernia support

Pavis Abdominal Binder

Premium non-invasive abdominal binder ideal for abdominal hernia support and post operation. Fabricated using 100% cotton, suitable for men and women.

Posture Support

Orliman Posture Support

Figure of 8 comfort support designed to improve patient posture across your upper and shoulder region.

Express Arthritis Compression Gloves

Anatomically shaped multi-directional stretch gloves providing mild thermal compression. Offering effective arthritic pain relief and improved circulation to hands, fingers, wrists and joints.

Orliman Tobiplus Ankle Brace Photo

Orliman Tobiplus Ankle Brace

Premium ankle stabilising orthosis made from highly resistant velour with integrated medial and lateral stays.

Express Woven Elastic Knee Sleeve

Express Woven Knee Sleeve

Pull on design woven elastic knee sleeve with integrated gel patella buttress and stays for comfort and patella stability.

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