General podiatry or chiropody refers to the treatment of conditions that effect the lower limb, foot and ankle. Our experienced HCPC registered Podiatry team are experts in the treatment of conditions such as hard skin (callus), corns, thick nails, verruca’s, ingrown toe nails and dry cracked heels.


simple nail cut

Simple Nail Cut

This service involves simply the cutting of stubborn or hard to reach toenails. The appointment will last for approximately 15 minutes

Prices From: £19
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Woman Receiving Chiropody


A thorough examination of the foot and lower limb. Treatments will include reduction of corns and callus, verruca treatments and management of ingrown toenails.

Prices From: £35
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nail surgery

Nail Surgery

This is a procedure that will be undertaken with a local anaesthetic to remove the painful ingrown toenail and prevent it from re-growing. This package includes the surgery plus a follow up and re-dress the next day as well as a further follow up to check healing progress.

Prices From: £250
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verruca treatments

Verruca Treatments

This treatment is designed to get the body to recognise the verrucae and initiate an immune response which will then attack the verrucae and resolve the situation.

Prices From: £35
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