Corns & Callus

callus and corn


Corns and callus are two sperate things which often occur together. Callus is a build-up of thick hard skin often forming over areas of friction or high pressure.  Callus can be commonly found on the bottom of your feet and hands. Multiple areas of the foot can be effected by callus. Most common areas include the heel area (see cracked heels) and the forefoot including the ball of the foot and toes.

Corns tend to be more painful than callus and present in a slightly different way. Hard corns usually form on pressure bearing areas of the foot and are small areas of very hard dead skin with a central core. Patients often describe the sensation of hard corns like walking on a small stone constantly. This then leads to significant discomfort. Soft corns are slightly different but also very painful, this type of corn can often be found between the toes and has a thin layer of hard skin and a central core.



Callus – Callus forms to protect areas of the skin that are under high pressure. Unfortunately the body struggles to regulate the build-up of skin and if left, will continually thicken which can lead to even more pressure in the area. This will lead to pain, burning and general discomfort

Corns – Patients are usually aware of discomfort every time them place weight over area with a corn. They can be surprisingly painful but are relatively easy to treat by our experienced chiropodist. Corns tend to feel like a small stone that is embedded in the skin.



These conditions are linked to an increase in pressure.

Footwear – tight poorly fitting footwear can lead to increase pressure over the toes leading to the formation of corns and callus.

Prolonged standing – people who spend a lot of time on their feet are more prone to the formation of corns and callus

Activity level – runners and walkers often put their feet under more strain leading to higher prevalence of corns and callus’

Foot type – some foot types are more prone to higher pressure points.

Age – as we get older we can lose some of the fatty padding on the bottom of our feet leading to areas of high pressure





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A thorough examination of the foot and lower limb. Treatments will include reduction of corns and callus, verruca treatments and management of ingrown toenails.

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