An assortment of medical goods incorporating various niche consumables from crutches to blood pressure monitors are available at the Hub. Our selective product range comprises of items that are typically difficult to access on the high street and are designed to improve everyday wellbeing and quality of life.

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Prim Fingertip Oximeter

Prim Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Non-Invasive fingertip pulse oximeters are a small and lightweight device used to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body.

Express Orthopaedic Hand Therapy Balls

Express Hand Therapy Balls

Set of three hand therapy balls with variable resistances. Ideal for strength building and improving dexterity in wrists, hands and fingers.

Pedibands Resistance Set Photo

PediBands Resistance Set

The PediBands offer specific resistance levels required for effective strength conditioning and rehabilitation of the lower limbs.

Orlivan Diabetic Sock Pair in Black

Orliven Diabetic Sock Pair

Diabetic approved cotton fibre medical socks treated with silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi incorporating a seamless design.

Therapedi Product Photo

TheraPedi Heat Therapy

Reusable means of providing hot and cold therapy for various conditions specifically relating to the foot and ankle region of the body.

Sitlive Anit-Bedsaore Boot

Sitlive Anti-Bedsore Boot

Anti-Bedsore soft boots designed to treat and prevent pressure sores by distributing pressure away from vulnerable/sensitive areas.

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