We use biomechanical analysis to determine what might be leading to pain or discomfort. Our podiatry team has over 27 years of experience between them and perform gait analysis on a daily basis. Analysis of the way you walk can give us valuable data and information that will help us understand what might be causing or contributing to your problems.


Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

As podiatrists we specialise in lower limb pain and injury. We use biomechanical analysis as a way of understanding the anatomy of the foot and the complex mechanisms involved during movement. This will allow us to identify and diagnose many conditions in the foot and lower limb.

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Modular orthotic Insole held against foot

Modular Orthotic Insoles

Modular orthoses (insoles) are insoles that start with an premade “ideal shape” base that your prescription is then added to. This allows us to completely tailor the insoles to your specific needs. These devices are used successfully in the treatment of most of the common injuries that present in our clinics.

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Bespoke Orthotic Insoles

Bespoke orthoses (insoles) are made from a cast, impression or scan of your foot. Once the shape has been captured an insole can be made specifically for your foot shape. Your unique prescription will then be incorporated into/onto the insole. These insoles can be made from a number of materials with the most common being made from EVA (rubber based), Polypropylene (plastic based) or Carbon fibre.

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Strength & Rehabilitation services

Strength & Rehabilitation

When dealing with lower limb injuries it is vital that strength and rehabilitation is used in the management of most soft tissue conditions. Even if orthotic therapy is utilised by the podiatrist it is important that strength and rehab is used along side this treatment. Our team of podiatrists will look to implement strength and rehab when they feel necessary. This advice will be given as part of your gait analysis at no extra cost.

Price – Incl. free of charge during biomechanical assessment

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