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Strength & Rehabilitation services
Strength & Rehabilitation


Our podiatrists use strength & rehabilitation with many of the lower limb injuries that they treat. Conditions like Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis and calf muscle injuries are seen regularly at our clinics. These tissues tend to become stressed when the load on the tissue exceeds what it can tolerate. The purpose of orthotic therapy is to directly reduce load on the damaged tissue. This will often help to reduce pain & symptoms fairly quickly. Once the tissue is damaged it becomes potentially weaker. Meaning it might be unable to cope with the same forces it might have tolerated previously. Strength and rehabilitation compliments the use of insoles whether modular or bespoke. Reducing load on damaged tissue on the one hand (by using orthoses) and increasing the tolerance to load on the other (strength & rehab). This combination will give us the best chance to achieve results we hope for.

Once the tissues are strong enough and the injuries have resolved then orthoses in many cases can be removed. The end goal for us is to get you back to pain free, educate you on how to reduce the risk the injury in future and make sure you’re strong enough to resume activity. Our team of experienced podiatrists will be able to provide these exercises, show you how to perform them and put a programme together tailored to your needs.

This advice will be given as part of your gait analysis at no extra cost

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