Biomechanical Assessment

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Biomechanical assessment
Biomechanical Assessment
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Biomechanical assessment is the analysis of human movement. Our podiatrists will use their knowledge of the lower limb and the complicated mechanics of the foot and ankle to understand potential contributory factors that might be leading to an injury or pain.

When presented with foot/lower limb pain or injury it is important to understand the anatomy and physiology of the tissue effected. It is also important to understand the complex movement that the foot must undergo during walking and running and the effect that has on the structures above it.

The podiatrist will use pressure analysis as part of their biomechanical assessment as well as a thorough examination of your foot non weight bearing, static and during movement. They will also take into consideration key indicators from your head to your toes during walking. Once the data has been collected the podiatrist will look to diagnose and design a unique treatment plan. These plans will vary from patient to patient and condition to condition.

Treatment plans can consist of strength and rehabilitation programmes, orthotic therapy and occasionally an onward referral for further investigation. Our team of experienced HCPC registered podiatrists specialise in biomechanical analysis of the foot and lower limb. They see and treat the following conditions on a regular basis with successful outcomes.

Common conditions treated:

Plantar Fasciitis

Shin Splints

Calf Pain


Achilles Tendinopathy

Big Toe Joint pain

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