Modular Orthotic Insoles

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Modular orthotic Insole held against foot
Modular Orthotic Insoles
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Modular orthotic insoles are used to reduce load on injured or damaged tissue including tendon, fascia and muscle. During your biomechanical assessment the podiatrist would have collected a lot of information and data that will be used to help diagnose the injury you have presented with. Once this information has been collected the podiatrist will then decide if orthotic insoles would be beneficial. If they are beneficial they will build an orthotic prescription. Once the podiatrist has the prescription they will decide what type of insole it it built with.

Modular orthotic insoles have a pre-moulded base built to support the three arches of the foot. The three arch include the medial lateral & transverse arch. The prescription will be added to the pre-moulded base depending on what the podiatrist has found during examination. The prescription can include medial or lateral correction, heel raises, increased support, cut outs, sinks etc.

This type of insole has been used very successfully in the treatment of conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, shin pain, heel pain and forefoot pain.

Modular orthoses can be manufactured very quickly. The insoles should be ready for collection and fitting from The Healthcare Hub within 2-3 working days.

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