Swift Verruca/Wart Treatment

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Swift Verruca/Wart Treatment
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Swift Verruca/Wart Treatment is the state of the art, leading technology when it comes to treating verrucae/warts. Below are a few questions that we are often asked in our clinics about this verruca/wart treatment.

What is Swift Verruca/Wart Treatment and how does it work?

Swift treats verruca’s and warts by using microwave energy, this creates a heat spike within the Verruca/Wart, which then leads to an immune response.

Does the treatment hurt?

Treatment can be uncomfortable for some. People often experience the sensation of a sharp scratch, similar to that of an injection.

What can I do after verruca/wart treatment?

Usually pain or discomfort disappears directly after treatment. Due to the skin not being broken during treatment so there is no need for dressings or keeping it dry.

How many treatments will I need?

Like most things related to the body, there are many factors to consider and everyone is different. Verrucae/warts can vary in size and some people respond quicker than others. We recommend 3 treatments as evidence shows this will deliver the best success rate.

How much does it cost?

We advise purchasing the treatments as part of a package of 3 (£300). We advise this because the evidence suggest that for the best outcomes you will need at least 3 treatments. You can also purchase treatments individually for £110.

Can anybody have the verruca/wart treatment?

Whilst Swift Verruca/Wart Treatments are appropriate for most people there are a few times when it isn’t.

These include if you:

  • have metal pins, plates or joint replacement in the foot or ankle
  • are on immune suppressing drugs
  • have a pacemaker
  • suffer with poor circulation or have a history of slow/poor healing ability
  • have Diabetes
  • have a low pain threshold

Young Children – treating children under the age of 8 might not be appropriate. The podiatrist will assess this on an individual basis.

We also offer other verruca treatment options at the Hub.


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