Toenail & Fingernail Cut

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Toenail & Fingernail Cut
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Toenail & Fingernail cutting service now available at both locations, Whitchurch & Canton. If you are having difficulty cutting your own nails our HCPC registered clinician will be able to cut both your toenails and fingernails during your appointment.

This appointment is perfect for people suffering with:

  • A physical limitation and inability to reach or see your toe nails
  • Neuropathy (lack of sensation) and fear that you may cut yourself
  • Limited vision
  • Lack of strength in the fingers

Our HCPC registered podiatrist will have had a minimum of 3 years extensive training in university which allows them to manage your nails with ease.

During your appointment the clinician will assess your nail condition, discuss your needs and cut your nails.

Before you attend the appointment we ask that you wear easy to remove socks so that the clinician can access your feet without difficulty.

The appointment will last approximately 15 minutes.

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