Nail Surgery

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Nail Surgery
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Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and leave you with the risk of infection. This problem can reoccur time and time again and can be very limiting when it comes to footwear choice, sport and general comfort. With years of experience under their belt, our team of Podiatrists perform nail surgery on a regular basis.

Our HCPC registered chiropodists are trained in the removal of part or the whole of the offending nail. During the procedure a local anaesthetic will be administered at the base of the toe. Once the toe is completely numb the nail will then be removed. After the nail has been removed your toe will then be dressed.

Following nail surgery we will ask you to attend for a re-dress and to check progress. At this point you will be issued with an after care pack and advice on how to manage your toe.

Our chiropodists can also remove thick painful nails, fungal toe nails or previously damaged nails.

This treatment is covered by most healthcare providers including BUPA, Aviva, Benendens, Signa and many more. Make sure you check with your provider before booking.

We recommend that due to the local anaesthetic used that you do not drive to your appointment. We also recommend bringing an open toed shoe or roomy slipper to your appointment as you will be wearing a bandage on your toe when you leave.

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