Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown or ingrowing toenails refer to a nail that has started to grow into or irritate the surrounding skin. Once the nail punctures the skin it can leave you susceptible to infection. This condition is very painful and will often affect the big toe, it can however effect any toe. Our chiropodists have years of experience in treating ingrown toenails. This can include conservative treatment as well as partial or total removal. They will also be able to advise on management and prevention to stop them in-growing again.



Common symptoms of an ingrowing toe nail is pain towards the end of your big toe. This can effect both or one side of the nail. Your toe will often look red and inflamed (swollen) around the area of the ingrown nail. If an infection occurs then bleeding and pus can often be seen around the area. This condition is often one that will come back time and time again until the nail has been managed properly.




Poor nail cutting technique – cutting nails and leaving a small spike at the side will potentially lead to the nail aggravating the surrounding tissue.

Curved nails – convoluted nails can curve around the big toe and start to irritate and grow into the surrounding tissue.


Trauma – having an injury to the nail such as dropping something on it or stubbing it can lead to irritation of the nail and skin

Footwear – very tight or pointed footwear can compress the toe leading to the nail aggravating the surrounding skin




Nail Surgery



nail surgery

Nail Surgery

This is a procedure that will be undertaken with a local anaesthetic to remove the painful ingrown toenail and prevent it from re-growing. This package includes the surgery plus a follow up and re-dress the next day as well as a further follow up to check healing progress.

Tom Cooper

Managing Director & HCPC Registered Podiatrist

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