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swift verruca treatment

 Swift verruca treatment in Cardiff delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose that rapidly elevates tissue temperature, causing the molecules to collide and create friction.

Here at The Healthcare Hub, our two locations in Whitchurch & Canton in Cardiff are extremely excited to announce the arrival of a new UK-developed verruca treatment: Swift Microwave Therapy. This is a very effective and revolutionary way to treat stubborn verrucae.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative technology and welcome Swift verruca therapy to our range of foot treatments. One of the main stand-out features of the Swift treatment is that there is no need for post-treatment dressings. Meaning you don’t have to worry about getting your foot wet or the treatment interfering with everyday life between appointments.

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What is Swift verruca treatment?

Swift microwave therapy is the perfect treatment for verrucae, especially if you have a long standing or stubborn verruca. Swift uses microwave therapy to activate the immune signalling pathways in the body, alerting the immune system to the presence of the verruca and clearing the infected site.

This treatment delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose that rapidly elevates tissue temperature, causing the molecules to collide and create friction. The heat generated from the treatment creates a highly accurate zone of treatment. 

How does Swift verruca treatment work?

Once Swift has been opted for we will book a personalised course of treatment at your convenience.

In most cases patients will need 3-4 treatments on average. There is a 4-week gap between each treatment, followed by a final 12-week review after the final treatment. Within one treatment, each verruca is treated 3-5 times for an average of 2-5 seconds. Advice is given for each individual case.
More treatments may be required if:

  • You are an older patient
  • The verruca is long-standing or very large
  • You are taking several different medications

How effective is Swift verruca treatment?

Like every other treatment, there is no 100% eradication guarantee, however statistics show:

After 3 treatments there is a 74% chance of clearance.
After 4 treatments this increases to an 82% chance of clearance.

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  • After treatment no dressings or interventions are required.
  • No ongoing pain.
  • Thera are no wounds
  • Weekly appointments are not needed.
  • No anaesthesia is required.
  • Rapid treatment time at the appointment.

How does it compare to other treatments?:

The table above shows that Swift offers the highest success rate on the completion of a minimum of 3 treatments. You won’t need any dressings post-treatment or in between treatments. Another additional benefit to Swift is that appointments are only once a month, as opposed to other treatments which are weekly appointments.

If you have a stubborn verruca that needs treatment, book an appointment for Swift Microwave Therapy treatment today! You could be verruca free within the next 6 months!

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