Verruca Treatment With Swift – A Case Study Before and After

verruca treatment - before and after

We have now been treating verrucae and warts with Swift Microwave Therapy for a number of months and we are getting some fantastic results. During this blog we will discuss a patients journey through the Swift verruca treatment process, all photo’s are of the actual patient and full consent was given for them to be shown in this blog.

*We will refer to the patient as Miss Jones (not her real name)*

Verruca Consultation

Miss Jones is 8 years old, she attended clinic here in Whitchurch with her mum and presented with a large verruca on the tip of her 3rd toe and a few smaller verrucae on her 2nd and 3rd toes (pic 1). The verrucae have been present for 1 year and had been previously self treated with Bazuka which had little to no effect.


Patient before verruca treatment


Verruca Treatment With Swift – Visit 1

Miss Jones and her mum were met in the waiting room by Megan who took them through to the treatment room. Before any treatment was administered Megan discussed the treatment and what to expect from the Swift therapy. Megan explained that the treatment can be uncomfortable but each impulse will only last for a couple of seconds. 

The Treatment:

Large Verruca – Swift applied for 2 seconds, 5 times on a power of 9 watts. Small Verruca on 2nd toe – Swift applier for 2 seconds, 5 times on a power of 8 watts

Miss Jones was aware of some discomfort during treatment however she was able to complete treatment.

Verruca Treatment With Swift – Visit 2 

Miss Jones and her mum turned up for treatment number 2 and were extremely pleased to tell Megan that her verruca had completely disappeared (pic 2). We must add that in most cases more than one treatment is needed.

Patient after verruca treatment

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