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Most back pain comes from poor posture, poor lifting technique and can result in sprains and strains to our muscles and connective tissues…

What is lower back pain?

Our lower back (lumbar) is like our building foundation/base for our whole spine, so it is vital to care for it correctly to avoid non-specific lower back pain. Non-specific pains come from a reason which is usually non-identifying or is a result of long-term wear, tear, and stress.

What causes lower back pain?

Most back pain comes from our core being weak, postural changes, and from incorrect movements such as bad lifting techniques. These things when included with daily loads going through our spine can cause stress to our muscles and connective tissue. Other factors which can contribute to long term back pains are past traumas such as fractures, herniated disks, or even from instability caused from cancer treatments.

What can be done to prevent lower back pain?

General wellbeing and taking measures to care for your back are the best things to aid back pain. Lowering your weight, keeping fit and active, and making efforts to lift correctly are all advised. It is worth considering how your posture is and working on this with things like yoga and pilates.

Bracing your back with spinal supports can help stabilise your core and abdomen improving any weakness you have. By temporarily providing extra core stability it can help improve posture, better aligning your spine and will allow soft connective tissues to relax, reducing back pains.

Product recommendations

Dynamic Star Brace

A semi rigid lumbosacral orthosis, constructed from a breathable velour. The Lumbar area of this brace contains a mouldable thermoplastic panel lined with comfortable padding. Its design incorporates a pulley traction control system, providing adjustable compression and optimised stability.

Available in two depths; standard and high

Ultra Lumbar support

The Ultra Lumbar support is made from lightweight, comfortable, and breathable woven elastic fabric. Designed to contour the body and provide compression with the addition of four reinforcing lumbar stays and tension straps. This support comes with a detachable nodular therapy pad for additional comfort.

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