A verruca is a member of the wart family and is most commonly found on the underside (sole) of your foot. Verrucae is a harmless virus that live between the layers of skin. Unfortunately they can be a nuisance and can take some time to resolve. They can also be uncomfortable and unsightly and often lead to embarrassment. Our chiropodists will remove the excess hard skin allowing them to treat the verruca .



Verrucae are present on the underside of the foot and will often look rough in appearance, they will also appear to have small black dots (capillaries) within them. They are often painless but when present on pressure bearing areas can become uncomfortable. They are more common in children but can effect adults.



A verruca is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and they spread when the skin comes into contact with a contaminated surface. Common areas where verrucae are known to spread are communal areas such as changing rooms, gyms and swimming pools.





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A thorough examination of the foot and lower limb. Treatments will include reduction of corns and callus, verruca treatments and management of ingrown toenails.



Verruca cream, verruca socks?

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Managing Director & HCPC Registered Podiatrist

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