verruca treatment - before and after

Verruca Treatment With Swift – A Case Study Before and After

We have been using Swift with great success for the last few months. Here is a case study of one of our patients

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Fungal Nail Infection – What is it and how can you treat it?

Fungal nails can occur and thrive when your feet are constantly hot, sweaty and damp.

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swift verruca treatment

Swift Verruca Treatment – Cardiff

Swift® Verruca Treatment Is The Leading Technology When It Comes To Verruca Treatment.

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cracked heel treatment

Crack Down on Cracked Heels! A Guide To Cracked Heel Treatment

With the increase of the dry weather, it can start to cause problems with your skin, the sudden burst of heat can wick away moisture…

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Winter Footcare Tips For The Months Ahead.

With cold nights, the best way forward is to put the heating on to warm up, right? However, with the increase of the dry heat…

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Cool Feet This Summer

Top Tips For Cool Feet This Summer!

With the weather recently and more hot weather on the way, looking after your feet could not be more important this time of year!

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Foot Health Cardiff

National Feet Week 2022

There are many different foot conditions to be aware of, including athletes’ foot, chilblains, cracked heels, ingrown toenails…

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