Pavis Hernia Boxer Shorts & Briefs

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Strive Footwear Whitby In Pale Khaki

Strive Whitby

This charming ankle boot follows the modern trends of the high-class culture and is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. Ruffled leather with detailed stitching adds a feminine touch with an inside zip to easily slip on and off.

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PediCare Fascia Ball Photo

PediCare Fascia Ball

Helps to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation and is ideal for plantar fasciitis.

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Express Woven Elastic Knee Sleeve

Express Woven Knee Sleeve

Pull on design woven elastic knee sleeve with integrated gel patella buttress and stays for comfort and patella stability.

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Orliman Tobiplus Ankle Brace Photo

Orliman Tobiplus Ankle Brace

Premium ankle stabilising orthosis made from highly resistant velour with integrated medial and lateral stays.

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Pedigel Bunion Corrector Photo

PediGel Bunion Corrector

Podiatrist approved gel bunion corrector for improved toe alignment and pain relief.

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Posture Support

Orliman Posture Support

Figure of 8 comfort support designed to improve patient posture across your upper and shoulder region.

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Orlivan Diabetic Sock Pair in Black

Orliven Diabetic Sock Pair

Diabetic approved cotton fibre medical socks treated with silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi incorporating a seamless design.

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Sitlive Anit-Bedsaore Boot

Sitlive Anti-Bedsore Boot

Anti-Bedsore soft boots designed to treat and prevent pressure sores by distributing pressure away from vulnerable/sensitive areas.

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Express Orthopaedic Hand Therapy Balls

Express Hand Therapy Balls

Set of three hand therapy balls with variable resistances. Ideal for strength building and improving dexterity in wrists, hands and fingers.

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YDA diabetic, post surgery comfort footwear

YDA Navy

The YDA Navy trainers are soft and lightweight with a unique spring rocker sole. They also incorporate a seamless design indicated for swelling, bunions, hammer toes and other common and painful foot conditions.

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Vionic Islander mens supportive sandles

Vionic Islander

A warm-weather essential, the islander beach mens sandal’s sleek simplicity makes it the shoe you’re sure to pack for your next holiday. It combines a fashionable design with functional form.

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DB Shoes Azalea In Black

DB Azalea

The stylish new mini daisy textured print gives these sporty stretch shoes a feminine feel. The touch-fastening straps ensure a secure, adjustable fit for optimum comfort.

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Cosyfeet Karen wide fitting comfort footwear

Cosyfeet Karena

Ideal if your feet are misshapen, sensitive or swollen, these soft and stretchy shoes reduce pressure on painful toes, joints and areas of swelling.

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Prim Fingertip Oximeter

Prim Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Non-Invasive fingertip pulse oximeters are a small and lightweight device used to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body.

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Ribcap Lenny Protective Headgear

The Lenny is a fashionable protective beanie style hat specifically designed for adults vulnerable to head injuries.

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Express Arthritis Compression Gloves

Anatomically shaped multi-directional stretch gloves providing mild thermal compression. Offering effective arthritic pain relief and improved circulation to hands, fingers, wrists and joints.

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Pavis post operative abdominal binder, abdominal hernia support

Pavis Abdominal Binder

Premium non-invasive abdominal binder ideal for abdominal hernia support and post operation. Fabricated using 100% cotton, suitable for men and women.

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Orliman boxia plus drop foot support

Orliman Boxia Drop Foot Support

The innovative, easy to fit, lightweight and comfortable ankle foot orthosis is designed to provide vital foot clearance during swing phase for those suffering with drop foot.

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PediGel plantar fasciitis sleeves

PediGel Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves

PediGel Plantar Fasciitis compression sleeves with integrated polymer gel for pain relief and comfort.

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Dermatonics heel balm for rough, dry and cracked heels and feet

Dermatonics Heel Balm

Dermatonics Heel Balm with Manuka honey for rough, dry and cracked heels and feet.

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Pedibands Resistance Set Photo

PediBands Resistance Set

The PediBands offer specific resistance levels required for effective strength conditioning and rehabilitation of the lower limbs.

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Gel Bunion Corrector

Podiatrist approved gel bunion protector, toe alignment corrector. Aids with pain relief and improves the general condition of the foot.

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Therapedi Product Photo

TheraPedi Heat Therapy

Reusable means of providing hot and cold therapy for various conditions specifically relating to the foot and ankle region of the body.

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Heelevator Product Photo

Heelevator Heel Raise

Adjustable heel inserts offering a heel raise of 3 – 15mm that can be worn in most footwear for leg length discrepancies.

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BunionPro Correction Splint

Low profile and lightweight thermoplastic bunion correction splint which is designed to be worn overnight whilst sleeping.

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PedCare long shoe horn

PediCare Long Shoehorn

The PediCare long handled shoehorn is anatomically designed to assist donning and doffing of footwear.

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