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Almost all of us will experience back pain at some point and this will often be caused by lifestyle issues such as poor posture, incorrect lifting technique or a sporting injury. Back pain can also appear seemingly overnight through no fathomable cause at all, which can be very frustrating. One thing that is known though is how immobilising it can be when it strikes!

Back pain affects different people in different ways but if left unmanaged it can really hamper everyday activities and general wellbeing. Recent studies have revealed a significant increase in the prevalence of back pain cases in the UK. This is thought to be attributable to the high number of people now working from home due to Covid measures rather than in ergonomically assessed workplaces.

At The Healthcare Hub in Whitchurch, Cardiff we offer a range of medically approved products to help people manage lower and upper back pain. Our selection of soft and rigid lumbosacral supports (back braces), posture supports, shoulder supports and maternity belts are stocked in full size ranges to accommodate men and women suffering with back pain.

Our NHS approved medical devices offer varying degrees of support and comfort and are typically used to treat lower back ache, sciatica, osteoporosis, post-surgery, herniated disc, poor posture, shoulder droop and neurological conditions.


Posture Supports Available at The Healthcare Hub

Posture Supports Available At The Healthcare Hub

One of the most effective ways to treat and prevent upper back pain is by using a posture support such as the Orliman® breathable reinforced shoulder support. This class 1 medical device will help to hold your posture correctly and comfortably so that the appropriate musculoskeletal structure of the back is maintained. The re-positioning of the back is achieved by the retropulsion of the shoulders which reduces possible kyphotic posture.


Back Supports Available at the Healthcare Hub

Actius Lumbar Support Available at The Healthcare Hub

The Actius® reinforced Lumbosacral back support is universally sized which means one size will generally fit all. It integrates a reinforced lower back region with four preformed steel stays which are flexible and adaptable for optimum comfort and support. The front panel includes 2 further flexible stays for improved abdominal support and finger looped elasticated bands with touch-close fastenings that can be secured as required for adjustable compression.


Maternity Belts Available at The Healthcare Hub

Ninae - Maternity Back Support

Our Ninaë® maternity belt is made from soft breathable fabric and is designed to alleviate the unpleasant feeling of weight in the lower abdomen, back and pelvic pain. The innovative design allows the support to adapt to changes in shape and tummy size throughout the different stages of pregnancy. It features bilateral tensioners which act to offer targeted support, enabling uniform distribution of excess weight so no pressure is exerted on the baby.


All the orthopaedic supports available to the public at The Healthcare Hub include professional instructions for use and our in-Hub Healthcare Assistants are on hand to help with appropriate product selection and fitting. Additionally, an appointment with an Orthotist can also be arranged to facilitate more technical bracing requirements if desired.  It is also recommended that some of our orthopaedic supports should form part of a broader remedial programme that can also include physiotherapy and/or pain relief as prescribed by your General Practitioner.

For further details on our range of medically approved orthopaedic supports exclusively stocked at the The Healthcare Hub, please contact us at or on 02922 527897

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